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Cleaning Services

Maid in Allen is a family owned and operated cleaning business that offers the highest quality maid service and carpet cleaning.

cleaning services Plano Tx

A Perfect Solution to Your House Cleaning Woes

Our maid house cleaning provides weekly or bi-weekly maid service, Move Out Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning. Our Professional Housekeepers Are Bonded & Insured.

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What type of house cleaning are you looking for?

Weekly or Bi-Weekly House Cleaning

  • Weekly: Popular for busy homes, full of life and social commitments.
  • Every other week: Is ideal for you if the house is well maintained.
  • One Time: We then adjust the hours if need it.

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What does Maid in Allen services do?

  • Maid in Allen Cleaning guarantees consistent, professional quality work
  • Excellent cleaning productos.
  • Honest friéndly staff
  • We used  vacuums with certified HEPA filtration systems,
  • Power-filter backpack vacuums
  • Microfiber clothes, Microfiber Mop.
  • Our microfiber cloths and mops are washed, sanitized and disinfected
  • All the cloths and equipment we use are fresh and clean

Residential cleaning services near me

We bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest quality supplies and latest equipment to deliver on this commitment is my maid service in Allen how much does a maid cost

We provide our owns cleaning supplies and equipment. We are a professional house cleaning. All the clothes and equipment we use are fresh and clean when we start to work in your home.move out cleaning.

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Office cleaning in Plano

When your client visits your office, you want to make a good impression. However, many people fail to understand the importance of cleaning when it comes to impressing clients.

One of the first things that the client will notice while visiting your office is how you choose to maintain the cleanliness. Therefore, even though you or your staff accept the idea of having clutter around, your clients will notice it, and it will affect their perceptions accordingly.


Can You Compromise on the Cleanliness of Your Home?

Obviously, your answer will be NO. The house is your sanctuary, where you reside with your family. Keeping your house clean and tidy is crucial for ensuring the good health of your clean.

We cater to residents of Allen, Plano and McKinney, ensuring comprehensive and thorough cleaning of your place. Thus, you and your family can have a clean and sanitized environment.ask carpet cleaning prices


214 317 1867

Perks Of Availing Our Professional House Cleaning Services

Here are some benefits of using our house cleaning services:

  • Cleaning every nook and corner of your house that you may ignore otherwise due to time constraints
  • Saving you time to spend on more productive chores or with family, which you may otherwise spend in cleaning your place
  • Keeping your house clean on a regular basis keeps you and your family healthy and happy
  • Professional, trained and experienced cleaners who know how to clean each space
  • Secure, trusted and honest house cleaning service that you can rely on
  • Personalized house cleaning plan for regular, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly cleaning at highly affordable prices

Get in touch with us to avail all these benefits so you have one less thing to worry about!party clean

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Mattress Cleaning in Plano Tx.

We use a truck-mounted high temperature steam mattress cleaning equipment as recommended by all major mattress manufacturers.

Best Mattress Cleaning

Costs range from $79 to $180, depending on the size of the mattress, how much of the mattress needs to be cleaned, whether stains need to be removed and whether customers want various add-on much does a maid cost

Mattress Cleaning Prices:

  • KING             $149.00
  • QUEEN         $139.00
  • DOUBLE      $119.00
  • SINGLE        $89.00
  • CRIB             $79.00

Cleaning Services in Plano Tx. is a Christian family owned and operated business that offers the highest quality Service.maid cost carpet cleaning Plano

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Our Cleaning Services

Maid in Allen cleaning provides weekly, bi-weekly maid services, Move Out Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning. Our professional housekeepers are bonded & clean, office cleaning near me

Maid in Allen Service in Plano Tx. gives each client the highest quality of cleaning.maid service in Plano

Local cleaning services near me.

The staff of Maid in Allen goes that extra step to ensure each client is 100% happy with the cleaning received. Our staff is so good that we offer each client a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! cleaning service Plano

We’re located in Allen, but we also serve: Plano, McKinney, Parker, Lucas, Fairview, North cleaning sings

What do cleaning services in Plano do?

Jericho Cleaning is a professional Home and Office cleaning services since 2006 .We guarantee to provide dependable first class cleaning much is a maid

We are Your Trusted Local Neighborhood House Cleaning Service and Maid Service near me.We will use our own equipment and cleaning near me

We are so sure that you will be satisfied with our cleaning performance that we give each customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. cleaning near me Patrick’s cleaners

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214 317 1867

Cleaning Services in Plano Tx.

We  guarantee to provide dependable first class cleaning services at reasonable rates.We have trained uniformed people and the equipment to do the job.

Jericho Cleaning Service has the experience, personal the equipment and the desire to provide you with consistent high-quality House Cleaning services cleaners near me day after day, all year long.apartment house and office cleaning services Plano Tx. how much is a maid in Allen

Our Home Cleaning Specialties.

So, how do you know whether the mess around you is becoming unbearable and off-putting? Here are some signs that when witnessed, should be addressed immediately by opting for commercial cleaning.

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Our House Cleaning Services in Plano Tx.

We’re located in Allen, but we also serve: Plano, McKinney, Lucas, Fairview, North Dallas.Our Professional Housekeepers are Bonded & Insured.we clean bathroom cleaner,home cleaning Plano Tx. how to clean my shark rotator vacuum how much do maids cost move out cleaning

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Apartment Cleaning Services in Plano Tx.

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Janitorial Supplies



Which cleaning supplies will you need?

We’re here with a range of household cleaning products so you can always choose.move out cleaning in Plano.bissell professional oxy total carpet cleaner office cleaning in Plano

Best Household Cleaning Supplies & Products Shop for Cleaning Supplies in apartment cleaning services in Plano Tx. Household Essentials. Buy products such as Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom. Learn More

All-Purpose Household Cleaners

  • Bathroom Cleaners
  • Kitchen Cleaners Products
  • Floor Cleaners (Title or Hardwood)
  • Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies

Need your house or apartment cleaned?

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Moving out cleaning to a new home or apartment

We will perform the House Cleaning Service tasks as scheduled on the attached checklist House cleaning services.shark rotatory heap filter cleaning cleaning company Plano

Please note that we provide you with a house cleaning service estimate move out cleaning service near me before we start to clean. Learn more.

We Cleaning Carpets Too.

Carpet Cleaning Plano Texas

Local Carpet Cleaning in Plano Tx.

Everyone loves a freshly cleaned carpet. No matter the color and style of your carpet, we will take care of your carpet cleaning needs.carpet cleaning services and office cleaning near me cleaning company Plano

Our carpet cleaning technicians use the most technologically advanced processes to deep-clean your carpet and remove soil and stain resistant carpets, odors and spots. carpet cleaning Plano tx carpet cleaning in Plano, McKinney.Upholstery cleaners near me.we are carpet cleaning company.mattress Allen Tx

Special Holiday Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning near me

Once cleaned Scotch guard 3M stain resistant coating can be applied to ensure your carpet will stay cleaner longer.use best carpet cleaning companies and maid cost and mattress Allen Tx if office cleaning near me cleaning service Plano

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Carpet cleaning near me

Carpets are treated with non-toxic carpet cleaning agents that will leave your home smelling great and your carpets looking amazing!shark rotatory vacuum office cleaning in Plano

All our cleaners and solutions are Eco-friendly and no harmful to pets or children.ready cleaning services cleaning company Plano

Carpet Cleaning

Why Need Carpet Cleaning 

If you have carpet flooring around the house, you know how difficult it can be to maintain its appearance.make ready cleaning shark rotatory vacuum move out cleaning service Plano Tx

While daily vacuuming can give you a chance to get rid of office cleaning near me obvious occupants such as hair and dirt, you may not be able to eliminate the presence of harmful bacteria and germs that are hiding beneath the fiber carpet cleaning services . Lear More

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Importance of Carpet Cleaning

So, the first question that arises in every homeowner’s mind is – why isn’t vacuuming enough?upholstery cleaning Plano office cleaning in Plano

Why do I need to put so much emphasis on carpet cleaning? Well, here are some of the reasons: sparkle carpet cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Lear More

Need Bathroom Cleaning

Your bathroom is probably the most important room in the house since everyone has to visit it (even the guests) and therefore it needs a lot of care and attention.

Having a bathroom that is not clean and well-maintained can take a toll on the quality of your everyday life.

cleaning service plano tx

Thus, keeping bathroom cleaning a priority on your list of chores is something that you should seriously consider.cleaners much are maids.bissell multi cleaning near me apartment cleaning Plano

Fortunately, there are many cleaning tools and products available on the market today that can make bathroom cleaning a much easier process. Bathrooms cleaning info.home carpet cleaning services

Home Cleaning Service Near Me

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All You Need to Know about Move Out Cleaning services in Plano Tx.

When your landlord enters the house and witnesses the marks on the wall and stains on the floor they are sure to keep some part of your security deposit for cleaning carpet cleaner home carpet cleaning services pro deep cleaning patrick

Also, without any cleaning, you might risk losing anything that was safely tucked away in the corner.move out cleaning Plano Tx.

Office cleaning services in Plano Tx.

Move out cleaning near Plano helps you clear all the corners and hard to reach places and spot anything that you cannot afford to lose behind office clean up Plano Tx. Learn More

Why Seek Help from the Professionals House Cleaning services?

Since there is so much going on when you are moving out, it is better to seek help from professional cleaning services that handle move out cleaning.Plano cleaning package for office rug cleaning shark rotator vacuum best carpet cleaner easter house cleaning plano cleaning packages for apartments

  1.  These professionals would know exactly what the landlord or the new homeowner would expect from you when you move out cost of a maid service from the house and move out cleaning in Plano. Learn More

How to Differentiate your Maid Service

One of the top complaints of those who choose a new maid service is that the service does a great job for the first couple of visits, then quality gradually begins to drop off.shark rotator vacuum

Move out cleaners

Since many homeowners are hesitant to complain to someone who is entering their homes every week, they’ll often simply make a phone call to cancel service—or just stop calling for service altogether.move out cleaning tips handy move out cleaning,pro deep cleaning patrick

How much does a maid cost

If your maid service is focused only on bringing in new business, you may be losing sight of what’s important—repeat, long-term customers are the heart and soul of a successful cleaning business. Here are a few tips to help you attract and keep customers.

Carpet cleaning Offer specials.

Since many customers choose a maid service based on referrals, it’s important to get those first few customers. By offering coupons and special discounts in a certain area, you can land those first few customers who will pass the word on to friends, neighbors, and family members.

Outline costs up front.

At the initial consultation with a prospective customer, detail what your basic service covers and the cost of any extras. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises, which can create a dissatisfied customer.professional cleaning services upholstery cleaning

Best carpet cleaners

Reward frequent customers with occasional extras, like a free refrigerator or oven cleaning, as a thank you for repeated much do maids cost and need tile cleaning services non toxic carpet cleaner

Provide consistent service.

Once you have a customer’s business, don’t fall into bad habits. Take each visit as seriously as the first. Obviously the first service will be more involved than later visits, but don’t assume certain items, like ceiling fans and baseboards, never need to be cleaned.

Maid in Plano Tx

The customer will notice if dirt begins to build up and will eventually seek a more attentive cleaning service.move out cleaning in Plano.Tile cleaning and grout cleaning services move out cleaning Plano

Be trustworthy.

One major concern of maid service customers is theft. The person is, after all, trusting you with access to their home and all personal belongings, often while he or she is at work and the house is empty.grout cleaning services professional Masaje reductivo handy move out cleaning

Move out cleaning tips

This prompts many customers to seek referrals or, at the very least, highly reputable businesses. While you don’t have to stress it to your customers,bissell multi reach and kitchen tile cleaning services

How much do maids cost

it’s important to note in your print materials and on your business’s website that you are licensed and bonded. Savvy customers know this means items will be covered if something is broken or missing.Texas scrubbing maids

House cleaning in Plano

Screen staff. If your cleaning service isn’t a one-man operation, make sure you carefully screen all employment candidates. Run criminal background checks and require references before considering someone for employment.

Maid in Texas

Consider drug testing, as well, if it makes you more comfortable, and be sure to note on your printed materials and website that all employees are screened prior to employment. This can help build customer confidence in your service.move out cleaning tips Tile cleaning,how much do maids cost for tile cleaning services


Over time, consistent quality and good customer service will impress your customers, who will mention it to others. This will create a momentum that will allow your business to become increasingly more successful over time.usa promociones

Maid Service Plano

By always paying attention to the same customer-focused principles you began with, you’ll stay true to your business’s original mission.move out cleaning tips,Texas scrubbing maids the best Vacuum bissell multi reach office cleaning signs

Upholstery cleaning in Plano Tx

Plano cleaning packages for offices and medical office cleaning Plano non toxic carpet cleaner

Housekeeping Services Plano Texas

Consider drug testing, as well, if it makes you more comfortable, and be sure to note on your printed materials and website that all employees are screened prior to employment.

This can help build customer confidence in your service.move out cleaning tips Tile cleaning,how much do maids cost for tile cleaning services

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