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Free Carpet Cleaner Spot Out

carpet Cleaning in Plano Tx


When you become part of the Jericho Carpet Cleaning family, we will give you a very special fabric cleaner called “Spot Out.”Free Carpet Cleaner Spot Out.

It quickly and effectively removes spots and stains from most fabrics. This product is so special, we prefer not to sell it, we only give it to our best clients to thank them for their continued business Free Carpet Cleaner Spot Out.

Carpet Cleaning Special 2 Rooms $78.00

Spot Out a very effective residue free general spotter that works on proteins in general soils and is the product your customer will use the most second if there are pets in the house vets trust is an excellent pet odor remover it’s designed to remove bad odors and carpet padding and other surfaces

Not only that, we will also give you FREE replacements for life, and the best carpet cleaning care!

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