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Carpet Cleaning Prices

Average cost to hire carpet cleaning service The best carpet cleaning by Jericho Cleaning in Allen Tx.High quality carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Plano Texas

Carpet Cleaning By Maid in Allen

Special for Carpet Cleaning $39.00 per room  (2-Room minimum) Save Time! Order Online.

  • Special price requires a 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, or 6-room carpet cleaning service or a minimum total purchase of 2 rooms.

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⭐ Carpet Cleaning Tips

✅ Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning per Room     $ 39    PER ROOM  BOOK

Clean Carpet in any 2 Rooms     $ 78  BOOK

Clean Carpet in any 3 Rooms     $ 117   BOOK

Free Estimate (Carpet Cleaning 4+ Rooms)    FREE ESTIMATE

⭐With carpet cleaning purchase

Carpet Protection    $ 35    PER ROOM   BOOK

Carpet Deodorization     $ 22   PER ROOM   BOOK

Clean Carpeted Stairs     $ 4   PER STAIR  BOOK

Clean Carpeted Landing    $ 35   PER LANDING   BOOK

Professional Vacuum Service

Let us Maid in Allen remove most of your dry soil, pollen, bacteria and dust mites from your carpet. Maid in Allen have a innovate HEPA filtration system that captures up to 99.97% of dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other particulates measuring 0.3 micron and larger.

⭐ Our PROFESSIONAL VACUUM service includes:

  1. Carpet inspection.
  2. Remove light furniture
  3. Dust baseboards around your carpet.
  4. Thoroughly vacuum with a Super Coach HEPA vacuum machine.
  5. Apply deodorizer.

PRICING: For lightly or normally soiled carpets: 2 areas and attached hall – only $39.90 *each additional area – only $7.99

We can help you professionally vacuum your carpets, improving your health / hygiene, eliminating most trapped pollutants from your indoor environment, and reducing dust mite infestations… keeping your carpets looking clean, like new!