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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Cleaning Service

How Much It Hire Cleaning Service

How much is a cleaning service

Considering how busy life is these days, it becomes extremely challenging at times to keep your house maintained and sparkling clean on your own. For this purpose, it is beneficial to hire a professional cleaning service that can take care of your house in an efficient way.

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While it seems like a great idea, many people wrongfully assume that the cost of hiring such services is going to be incredibly high. However, in reality, the cost greatly depends on a variety of factors and can be reduced by taking some simple steps.

The overall cost of the visit from the cleaning service will depend on the following factors:

1.      The size of the cleaning company

There are many independently operating individuals or small companies that are available for you to hire. However, choosing such options might expose you and your house to a greater risk since they might not carry out proper employee background checks before hiring.

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Since you will be letting the cleaners inside your house, you should be able to trust them. Professional cleaning services that are operating on a large scale and have been in the business for long cannot only be trusted but also have the right amount of workforce available. This helps them make sure that all your work is done in an appropriate time frame.

2.      The size of your house

If the professional cleaners are paying a visit to your house for the first time, they might charge you according to the square footage of your house. This is because they first have to evaluate how much time it takes them to carry out the cleaning.

If we talk about the average rate for a typical one-family bi weekly house, it costs around $130. However, if you plan to make this a regular habit, the professional cleaners might offer you a discount of $5-$10 for every visit. One-time cleaning for a typical house is generally priced at somewhere around $200-$300.

3.      The service you need

This brings us to our next factor which is about the level of service that you require for the cleaning of your house. Depending on the number of rooms you want to get cleaned, your cost will vary. Moreover, professional cleaners also take into account the number of people living in the house at a particular time.

Moreover, depending on the situation of your bathroom and the kind of cleaning agents that will be required to make it spick and span, your cost will vary. Since the bathroom is a tricky space to clean, you should expect the cleaners to charge around $25-$40 per bathroom – but that also depends on the type of condition it is in.

4.      Number of special requests

Some people require the cleaners to use products that are environmentally-friendly. This is not an uncommon request since the cleaning supplies used by professional cleaners are generally harsh and potent – and could be dangerous if you have small children and pets around.

If you have such a special request, you might be charged extra. Generally, for people looking to choose Eco-friendly cleaning agents this is what the price schedule looks like:

–          Window Cleaning

Ordinary Brands: $3

Green Brands: $5.5 – $8

–          Carpet Cleaning

Ordinary Brands: $4

Green Brands: $5

–          Floor Cleaning

Ordinary Brands: $14

Green Brands: $20

–          Dishes

Ordinary Brands: $2

Green Brands: $3

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Therefore, it is advised for homeowners to provide the professional cleaners with the green supplies if they wish to cut down on their overall cost.

Apart from the choice of the products, you could also be charged be other services. For example, if there are a lot of hard-to-access areas around your house such as Tall Ceilings or if you wish to get your oven or refrigerator cleaned, you might be charged more.

5.      Location of your house

Some professional cleaners also charge you extra if your house is located farther from the service area. Therefore, to cut costs, it is recommended to look for professional cleaning services that cater to your particular area.

Bottom Line

The cost associated with hiring professional cleaning services, therefore, cannot be generalized as it depends on a number of factors. However, as a general rule, you can buy your own supplies or tidy up the house a bit to make sure that the costs are kept to a minimum.

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