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House Cleaning Prices

Bathrooms cleaning in Plano Tx

House cleaning pricing guide

Cleaning Services Plano is high quality service with excellent customer services Our contact page will send us the information of your cleaning project and we will give you a written proposal with all the details of your cleaning service.

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Maid in Allen Service offers the best rates for hourly cleaning. No matter what type of cleaning you want, Cleaning Service can complete the job.

Maid in Texas

House Cleaning is the high-quality service for those who wanted the best and are willing to pay a little more to obtain it.

Look for hourly rates that are competitive and fair. We specialize in detailed cleaning.

Cleaning Services:

  • Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

$39 / hour / cleaners + Tax

  • Weekends, evenings & holiday

$ 45 / hour / cleaner + Tax

  • 4 Hours minimum (2 cleaners for 2 hours)

All the cleaning products and equipment are provided.

Important Note

The minimum hours to complete the first service will be enough time. If the cleaners are given a specific time limit on the first service, Jericho cleaning can’t guarantee the quality or quantity of the work completed

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Time required for most first- time / one-time customers

  • 700 sqft home with 1 bathroom

2.5 – 4 hours with two cleaners

  • 1500 sq ft home with 2 bathrooms

3 – 5    hours with two cleaners

  • 3000 sqft home with 3 bathrooms

6 – 8    hours with two cleaners

  1. 5000 sqft home with 4 bathrooms

8 – 10  hours with two cleaners

Time required for most bi-weekly customers

  • 700 sq ft home with 1 bathroom

2 hours with two cleaners

  • 1500 sq ft home with 2 bathrooms

3 hours with two cleaners

  • 3000 sqft home with 3 bathrooms

4 hours with two cleaners

  • 5000 sqft home with 4 bathrooms

6 hours with two cleaners

Post Construction Clean up Rate

While commercial cleanup generally costs between $0.10-$0.30 per square feet, residential cleanup jobs range from $0.10-$0.50 per square feet.

The final phase of the cleanup is the most thorough and therefore, the most expensive. Expect to pay the high-end rate of about $0.50 per square feet for this phase of cleaning

Move Out Cleaning Rate

For a detail cleaning, then we can do that. Jericho Cleaning Service will do a detail cleaning for your home, then we can come out weekly or bi-weekly and keep it clean for you

Maid service rates

Move cleaning costs somewhere between $ 165 and $ 280 on average, with $ 200 being the approximate price for a 1,000-square-foot department.

Of course, if your carpet is very dirty, or if you need a deeper cleaning than the Jericho Cleaning also clean carpets, the price could go up. Here is a breakdown of what, roughly, you can expect to pay.

Regular Cleaning

House Cleaning The next step is our Regular Clean, which allows us to maintain your home basic clean

Move Out Cleaning

Are you Moving? Hire the best cleaning service. Call Jericho cleaning provides thorough & detailed move out cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet need to be clean!! Our team members are specially trained to rid carpets of even the

Office Cleaning Rate

Cleaning of a 40,000 square foot office building $0.04 to $0.10/SQ FT. Office cleaned up to 12,000 Sq Ft Generally ranges between $0.09 to $0.16/SQ FT. Offices cleaned via hourly rates cost between $50 to $100/hour.

What type of house cleaning are you looking for?

With more than 10 years of maid service experience we can say that the average cost of cleaning the house is $ 25-50 per hour per cleaner or per hour or $50 – $100 per hour total. Keep that in mind when getting quotes.

The total price depends on the size of the house and the type of cleaning.

A 3-room, 2000-square-foot home costs between $ 150 and $ 250 for average cleaning, while a one-bedroom apartment starts at $ 80 to $ 110.


214 317 1867

Cleaning Services Rates

Move out cleaning or construction clean up  is not average cleaning service. it is heavy cleaning and g have a different price, move out cleaning prices

Maid in Texas

House cleaning service Plans:

  • Weekly Cleaning Services
  • Every Other Week Cleaning Services
  • Move Out Cleaning
  • One Time Cleaning

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Jericho Cleaning Service offers the best rates. There is only a two hour minimum that includes two technicians. This is perfect for those events clean up services.