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Keeping Your Carpet Clean

There are a lot of people who aren’t even aware of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can make your carpet look as good as new.

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Five Tips for keeping your Carpet Clean

Cheap carpets are extremely rare to come by these days, and even if you do get hold of a cheap carpet with any luck, they would not last long, who keeping your carpet clean?.

Since we all know that carpets do not come cheap, we should all make it a habit of maintaining them at regular intervals.

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A carpet might seemingly look fine to you, but there are several telltale signs that will indicate you to clean your carpet instantly.

Carpets are virtually found at every indoor place and are bound to become dirty in a relatively short period as not everyone walks on them with clean feet.

Therefore, maintaining and taking care of your carpet on a day to day basis is a must. You should also wash it comprehensively after every few months.

There are several things you can do to make sure you prevent your carpet from getting stained in the first place. Following are the steps you can take to prevent stains.

  • Make sure that you tell everyone to leave their shoes out before stepping inside a room with carpet.
  • Eliminate eating in places where there are carpets present and in case you do eat, place a mat on top of the carpet to make sure that the carpet is safe from residue.
  •  There are several other habits that you can avoid practicing on your carpets that will make sure that your carpet is mostly clean and lasts long.

Maintaining your carpet is good and everything, but nothing compares to cleaning. Down below, you can read all about the tips and techniques that will make sure that your carpet is clean at all times.

Vacuum Clean Regularly

The first thing everyone should do on a regular basis is to vacuum their carpets. It is one of the simplest carpet cleaning tips and all you require is a vacuum cleaner.

Early morning is the most preferable time for vacuum cleaning as the debris and residue that your carpet attracts from the previous day is removed and your day gets a fresh start.

You should always check your carpet for large chunks of dirt before vacuum cleaning. The reason behind this is that there are some vacuum cleaners that might not be able to suck in large pieces of dirt; therefore, it would be advisable to remove them prior to vacuuming.

Remove Stains as soon as Possible

Leaving stains on a carpet unattended can spell trouble for you as carpet tends to absorb stains relatively quickly, making it impossible to remove them.

Therefore, wash the stains out as quickly as you can. There are several detergents and carpet cleaning soaps that you can use to remove these stains effectively.

Before using any product, the first thing you should do is to clean the stain with a dry and then wet towel. In case you do not favor chemical cleaners, you can always use a combination of club soda and vinegar

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Steam Clean your Carpet

There are a lot of people who aren’t even aware of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can make your carpet look as good as new. However, you shouldn’t steam clean a carpet more than two or three times per year.

You should make sure that you empty your room prior to steam cleaning the carpet, the only thing present in your room before cleaning should be your carpet.

Alternatively, there are also some carpets cleaning services that can steam clean your carpet fairly quickly at a nominal price.

Refrain from Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services

There are several services that claim to be “professional” carpet cleaners. Cleaning carpets seems to be a relatively easy job, but there are a lot of intricacies involved in carpet cleaning that should only be left to the pros.

Watch out for Pets and High Traffic Zones

A common mistake people often make with carpet cleaning and maintenance is that they leave out certain carpet spots that require equal or more attention.

This is why you should monitor areas where people walk the most as they likely to be dirtier than other spots. You should also train your animals to stay away from carpets in case they feel the urge to empty their bowels.