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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is approaching fast. Do you have an annual St. Patrick's Day party? Do you do all the cooking for your party?

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St. Patrick’s Day house cleaning

Get Ready For St. Patrick’s Day:

With all the cleaning, cooking and the preparations for St. Patrick’s Day the last thing you want to do is clean. You should focus on the most important things for your party. You want to do the cooking and decorating.


  • We begin your house or apartment cleaning services by giving you detailed cleaning.
  • The first clean gives you an in-depth clean of your entire home from top to bottom
  • We provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • All the clothes and equipment we use are fresh and clean



We use are fresh and clean equipment
We provide our own supplies and equipment, all the clothes and equipment we use are fresh and clean when we start to work in your home. This is for your safety and ours
Quality Services:
We are so sure that you will be satisfied with our cleaning performance that we give each customer a 100% satisfaction



Holiday Party? Let The Professionals Do The Work

What’s included in my one time cleaning services Plan? Depending on your cleaning requirements, you can select any of the above-mentioned Regular Cleaning services.

  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures (dusted)
  • Blinds and window sills (dusted)
  • Moldings and woodwork (dusted)
  • Baseboards (dusted)
  • Dust (everything)
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Clean out cabinets
  • Clean sinks & countertops
  • Scrub toilets
  • Scrub shower & bathtub
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Vacuum and sweep all floors



Focus On The Party:

Put all your thoughts in the preparation of your food and decorations and just focus on your party. Let a professional come do all your cleaning before you have your party.

A cleaning team can come in and get your house sparkling clean while you do your cooking. While you are doing your cooking, then the cleaning team can do the cleaning.

If you have to bring chairs and tables from your storage shed, then the cleaning team will get this clean and ready for you.


What Will A Cleaning Company Do?

A cleaning company will come out and do a detail clean for you. They will do dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms and even windows if you want.

There isn’t a task to small for a maid cleaning team. From top to bottom cleaning is what you can expect from a maid cleaning team.

Request a Free Estimate

When you have your home all clean and ready, then you can hand up decorations. You will be able to set out appetizers, get drinks ready and all you need to do before your guests arrive.

You don’t have to worry about any cleaning as the cleaning team has taken care of all the cleaning for you.

How great will that be to not have to worry about cleaning. Your food dishes will be first. Your decorations can be a priority. You will be able to get ready for your St. Patrick’s Day party as all your cleaning chores have been taken care of by the professional cleaning team.

If there is a carpet stain or you want carpet cleaning done by the cleaning service, then they will do that for you as well. Any request you have, then the cleaning service will meet all your needs.

What Cleaning Service Does All This Cleaning?

The cleaning service that will do all this cleaning for your St. Patrick’s Day party is Maid Cleaning Service. If you are in the area of Plano, McKinney or Allen, Wylie, Murphy, Lucas, Fairview, Richardson Texas, then Maid Cleaning Service is the professionals to call out.

Jericho Cleaning Service will live up to their standards. If you think that the team hasn’t lived up to the standards, then simply give Maid Cleaning Service a call and they will come out and re-clean for you. You won’t be charged. Jericho wants their customers pleased with their performance.

For all your per-party cleaning, then give Jericho Cleaning Service a call. If you want them to come out after your party is over, then they will even do this cleaning for you.

This is great! Leave the mess for the professionals at Jericho Cleaning Service. You will be amazed at the cleaning the team has done that you will want to start having a routine cleaning done.

You can do weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Jericho Cleaning Service will work around your schedule.Call Jericho Cleaning service at 214-317-1867.

You can even get more information at their website at Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day events and let the professionals at Jericho Cleaning Service do the dirty work for you!