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Office Cleaning Company

Rather than taking up the difficult job of cleaning up your workspace on your own, it is highly recommended to hire a office cleaning company instead.

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Janitorial Services

How to Choose the Right Office Cleaning Company

This is because managing your janitorial staff can be a challenging task and does not give you the ideal standard of hygiene and sanitation around the office.

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A office cleaning company, on the other hand, is skilled at addressing every nook and cranny around the office and therefore maintains the cleanliness of the office in an ideal way.

Due to the convenient nature of this business, it is no surprise that you will run into many commercial cleaning companies when you decide to hire one.

However, since the cleaners will be visiting your office space more than once and will be spending a lot of time there, you should give a lot of thought to the trustworthiness of the company you are hiring.

Moreover, hiring a commercial cleaning company is an investment that you make and therefore to avoid wasting your time and money, you should make sure that you take the right decision.

⭐ Factors to Consider when Choosing a Office Cleaning Company

Here is a list of some of the essential factors that you should keep in mind when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

✅ Office Cleaning Experience

Since office cleaning is a bit more complicated than house cleaning, it is important that you give importance to the experience that the company has in commercial cleaning. Make sure that the company you choose is well-established and has taken care of office cleaning projects in the past.

🥇 Janitorial Cleaning Reputation

Another major factor to consider when making the decision is the reputation of the particular company. You can do this by asking around or can research on what people have to say about the company. Companies that have hired the cleaners that you are considering are the best source for finding more about the reputation.

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Technical Cleaners Employees

Since the employees of the commercial cleaning company will be doing all the work you need to make sure that the company has standardized hiring procedures. Background checks are essential when you are hiring people who will visit an office space to carry out cleaning.

Also, find out what kind of, if any, training is given to the employees and what the turnover rate is. This is important because a high turnover rate can considerably impact the quality of service delivered. Moreover, a high turnover rate will mean that different cleaning employees will be visiting your office.

Janitorial Services

Depending on your needs, you should look for a commercial cleaning company that provides all the services you require. Many commercial cleaning companies give you the option of asking for special requests.

🎁 Business Insurance

A commercial cleaning company that does not carry insurance should not be hired since it brings about a lot of risk. Insurance is necessary since there are accidents that can take place while the cleaning is being done. Therefore, always ask whether the company you are considering has insurance or not.

Cleaning Service Cost

Choose a commercial cleaning company that values people more than money. The ideal cleaning company will not try to sell as many services as possible but will give you suggestions about different tips that you can use to stay within the budget. If there are services that you do not need immediately, the cleaning company will ask you to delay it until the next cleaning round.

Cleaning Supplies Eco-Friendliness

Using cleaning supplies that are green is not good for the environment but also for the health and safety of your employees.

Use of harsh chemicals can lead to a negative effect on the health of your staff which is why you should ask the cleaning company beforehand whether they use Eco-friendly practices or not. Find out if the company uses HEPA filters for their vacuum cleaners and have energy saving strategies in use.

Vacuum Cleaners HEPEA Certification

The best commercial cleaning companies have been given the CIMS certification (Certified Industry Management Standard) for their practices.

Choosing the right commercial cleaning company might seem like a daunting task at first, however, by using these tips you can make sure that you take the right decision and do not end up losing more than you have gained.

Moving Out of a Clean Office

 So, you have finally decided to move out of your beloved office? Whatever be the reason, you have to ensure that you leave your office the way you found it, that is you should keep it clean. This should feature in your priorities when moving out of your office.

Offices may not get as dirty as a house, but cleaning up a large hall filled with desks and other furniture is a daunting task even for the most enthusiastic individuals.

Apart from that, there are many documents and important stuff that you may have forgotten or missed out on, while moving your things out of the office. So, it’s not only aesthetically good to have a move out cleaning, but also a necessity for you.

Leaving your office decisively

It is most likely an emotional moment for you when you are planning to move out of the office you have owned and worked in for years.

You will be occupied with deciding what to take with you and what not. In such situation, the additional worry of cleaning up the office can get on to your head.

This can even cause you to forget some other important things you had to do – like removing live wires or checking the furniture for missing documents. To save you from such trouble, Jericho Cleaning Service vouches to clean up your office thoroughly and with a professional touch.

Why you should go for professional cleaning service

No one wants to be the last one left to clean up after everyone has left. If it’s your office, then chances are you are that unlucky soul. And you will probably have a hard time finding any one to help you do the dirty work.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of the company to hire professional cleaning service to deal with such mess. Some reasons and tips for why you should choose services, such as Jericho Cleaning Service, are given as follows.

  • Better productivity: Organization becomes easier in a clean environment. The removal of clutter allows for more focus and less distractions.
  • Healthy employees: A dirt-free environment ensures that the employees remain healthy and good spirits when moving to your new office.
  • More morale: A clean environment begets increased morale of the employees in any future places.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Expert cleaning service may cost you upfront, but you have to realize that you have saved a lot of time, effort, and other expenses with this option.
  • Selling: If you own the office space, then it’s even more important to get a thorough cleanup of the space. Future buyers tend to look for clean places.
  • Missing stuff: While moving out, you might have missed some documents that the service can retrieve for you.
  • Damage checking: Sometimes the damage to furniture may not be visible to you if you don’t look properly. This can be disastrous when selling the space.
  • Trash pileup: Finally, your office will have years of stored trash that can be very tough to remove.

Expert cleaning service offered by Jericho Cleaning Service will fulfill all your requirements and will guarantee a satisfactory job.