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Getting your house ready for that big Super Bowl party involves cleaning. You want your home to look nice for your guests.

Super Bowl

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5 Tips To Clean Your House For The Super Bowl Party:

Getting your house ready for that big Super Bowl party involves cleaning. You want your home to look nice for your guests. To get your house clean and ready for your Super Bowl party, then here is a few tips.

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  1. Start in the areas where you guest will be spending the most time. More than likely your guests won’t be in your bedroom or office, so there is no need to deep clean these rooms. Make it easier for you when you have to clean.
  2. Start at the furthest point of the room and work your way out. Bring all your cleaning supplies with you so you don’t have to keep running to pick up additional cleaning items. Start from the top (ceiling) and work your way down (baseboards) and out. Get all those cobwebs that have developed over the winter months. Windex your windows, dust all objects, then vacuum.
  3. Any objects that you may not want broken, then take and put away until after the party. Parties can sometimes get out of hand. This will keep your precious item and breakables safe and secure.
  4. Clean your bathroom so they are clean and sanitized for your guests. You want to have this area clean and tidy as it will be used often all day long. Keep extra hand towels soap available for your guests.
  5. Start planning your menu and getting your decorations ready to be set up. This can take a while, so you want to plan ahead. The cooking for your menu requires a lot of work and time. As you are doing your cooking, then clean up as you go. When you are done using a mixing bowl, then go ahead and wash it and put it away. This will cut down on a big clean up when you are done doing your cooking.

Bypass Tips 1-4 When You Hire A Maid Service:

If you want to just start on your decorating for your Super Bowl parting and preparing your menu, then bypass the tips 1-4 and go on to tip 5.

This is the fun part of having a Super Bowl party and that is the cooking and decorating. You can bypass all the hard work when you hire a professional maid service.

The maid service will come in and clean your home from top to bottom and have it ready for your party and your guests. They will dust, vacuum, do the windows, bath room and anything you would like cleaned for your party.



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When planning your Super Bowl party, then remember to plan on hiring the maid service from Jericho Cleaning Service for the cleaning before and after your Super Bowl Party.


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