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Hire A Office Cleaning Service

Office cleaning is extremely important to maintaining a professional work environment that is comfortable and promotes your business to your customers or clients.

Office Cleaning in Plano Tx

Office Cleaning Plano

5 Tips For Hiring a Office Cleaning

A properly cleaned work environment reflects well on the ownership and management of the organization. If you are considering hiring a professional office cleaning service for your business, then follow the 5 easy tips we have provided you here.

Look for a company with a track record of excellent customer service

The best office cleaning companies will have positive reviews from other businesses that you can refer to.

Find out what is included in the service

It’s important for you to find out what is included in the various packages that this company may offer.

Have a conversation with the owner or manager of the cleaning crew

This is the best way to let these professionals know about your specific office cleaning needs.

Ask for references

The best professional cleaning services will be able to provide you with multiple references. These will be other corporate or small business clients that they have done work for in the past. Feel free to contact these individuals and find out about their experience working with this company.

Finalize your contract

This may include the schedule, specific cleaning services and any insurance specifics as well. If you have any questions about professional office cleaning services, be sure to contact us today!

Would You Not like Your House to be Glistening Clean before You Move in?

What do you do when you first move into a house? Most people first make a note of things that need cleaning and then begin with cleaning the house. But what if you are moving in from a distant place? Often, it is time-consuming and uneconomical to actually travel to your new house to get these things done.

When you do not plan your move, you actually end up with things all around your new home and are compelled to clean the house around the stuff that is just lying around.

You are sure to wish that you had a maid who would have done it all for you. You are not only left with a feeling of unease with all the dust and mold, but also start feeling tired with all the cleaning work. What this essentially does is rob you of the nice feeling that you were looking forward to in the new house.

Tips to plan your house cleaning when you move to your new house

If you find time and also have the energy to clean the unoccupied house that you are going to move in soon, below are a few tips that you can follow to meticulously clean the entire house:

Take a look at the kitchen first: Kitchen is one area that is most often very dirty when left unused for a long time. The little pieces of food settled in the hard-to-reach spots can make the entire atmosphere unhealthy for you and your family.

Begin heavy-duty cleaning of the appliances: You would need a variety of cleaning materials for this, including sponge, brush, cleaning wax, and stain removers. It is wise to first soak all these so that cleaning becomes a bit easier. After this, you start cleaning all the equipments from the inside of the oven and fridge to the stove.

It is time for the kitchen counters and cabinets next: Clean the cabinets with wooden cleaners or soap. For greasy stains, you might need the help of baking soda or a stronger cleaner.

Sinks are in line next: Sinks can emit foul odor when not used for a long time. Apart from just cleaning the sink, you also need to ensure that the sink pipe is adequately cleaned.

Finally the walls and floors: Make sure you have ladders or other equipments to reach the high ends of the walls. Ensure there are no cobwebs hanging to get sparkly clean walls.

Make use of warm soapy water for best results. You can also make use of a sponge mop to reach those tough areas. Never forget door frames and light switch plates. Floors are fairly easy except carpet cleaning, which can get a bit tedious.

Does this seem like a lot of work to you?

If you get a feeling that you are better off with professional you are not alone. For just a small price, you can get a cleaning service to do all these things for you while you just watch the house transforming into what you hoped it to be.

You can opt for Jericho Cleaning Service which offers a one-time cleaning service for you just for $75 per hour (one hour minimum). Two of Jericho’s well-experienced professional cleaners would be sent to your house to get all that dust, dirt and mold out of you house.

So, the first time you and your family enter the house, you can straight away start setting your belongings in the places you like, stretch yourself and relax in your new home.

Make a Statement with a Clean Office

Over long periods, even with daily cleaning, your office is bound to see a lot of clutter and dust settling in. The curtains and window panes that you most often do not pay much attention to might have layers of dust over them.

Even though you do not observe the dirt, the clients who visit your office sure do. Keep in mind that the appearance of your office says a lot about your personality too. The owner of a clean office comes across as a well-organized and meticulous person.

Also, thorough cleaning of the office from time-to-time gives a new lease of life to the looks of the office. Your employees too would feel nice as they work in clean surroundings.

The atmosphere would also get them more organized in their daily tasks. They get a feeling that the management pays attention to their well-being by getting the dust off their surroundings.

Tips You Must Keep in Mind to Hire the Right Cleaning Services

It goes without saying that office cleaning is not a do-it-yourself task. You need a professional service that can do the cleanup for you. Before you choose the cleaning service, you need to keep in mind the kind of service you need. Following are a few tips that will help you with your choice.


Look into your office’s regular janitorial service: Your office cleaning cannot be a seasonal thing only. Seasonal cleaning is only meant for those aspects which cannot be looked into on a daily basis. Mopping, sweeping, and cleaning the restrooms must be a regular feature of your regular janitorial service.

Carpets: Carpet cleaning service is an absolute must. Carpets can get really dirty over time and house a lot of bacterial and allergens that can be bad for both you and your staff. You need a professional service that can clean your carpets at regular intervals.

Floor cleaning: The floor of your office is something that gets dirty very quickly even with everyday cleaning. Some stubborn dirt can get stuck to the floor, which your janitor may not be able to clean effectively. Also, the floors need to be regularly polished to keep them looking like new, which only a professional cleaning service can do for you.

Clean windows: Windows can seem like an easy item to clean but when your office has large glass windows, it becomes unrealistic to expect your janitor to clean them well daily. Germs can reside in the sides of the windows, which can be unhygienic. You can get the windows too cleaned by a professional cleaning service from time to time to maintain them well.

Hire Jericho Cleaning Service for your seasonal office cleaning needs

You do not have to hire separate cleaning agencies for all your office cleaning needs. Jericho Cleaning Service is a one-stop solution that provides all kinds of office cleaning services under one umbrella. You are charged just $75 per hour for two cleaning professionals.

You can also hire them for event clean up in case you hold parties in your office for your staff. Once Jericho Cleaning Service is done with your office, you would be proud to show your office to the clients.

Our PROFESSIONAL VACUUM service includes:

1. Carpet inspection.

2. Remove light furniture

3. Dust and clean baseboards around your carpet.

4. Thoroughly vacuum with a Super Coach HEPA vacuum machine.

5. Apply deodorizer.

PRICING: For lightly or normally soiled carpets: 2 areas and attached hall – only $39.90 *each additional area – only $7.99

We can help you professionally vacuum your carpets, improving your health / hygiene, eliminating most trapped pollutants from your indoor environment, and reducing dust mite infestations… keeping your carpets looking clean, like new!

For your convenience, we have available 2 packages:

  • Pre-Inspection        Our Technician will do a walk-through inspection with you to identify soiling conditions and potential permanent stains.
  • Pre-Vacuum (for the DELUXE package only) your carpet is pre-vacuumed with a commercial vacuum to remove bonded and insoluble dry soil.
  • Furniture Moving   small sofas and tables (under 25 pounds) will be carefully moved: larger pieces such as beds and dressers are left in place.
  • Pre-Spot       Certain spots are pre-treated for maximum removal.
  • Pre-Spray     Traffic areas are pre-treated with a biodegradable traffic lane treatment.
  • Pre-Agitate   Your carpet will be pre-groomed with a carpet groomer (depending on soil level) to further loosen traffic area soil.
  • Extract and Rinse    Once the soil has been loosened our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile.
  • Post Spot Treatment         Potential permanent stains as identified by the technician may not be removed.
  • Carpet protector    (for the DELUXE package only) protects against oil and water-based stains.
  • Post Groom The carpet pile is set in one direction to aid the drying process.
  • Speed Dry     High velocity air movers are placed on the carpet to lessen the drying time.
  • Post Cleaning Inspection  Our technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results and make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job.